Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Little Dancers

Look at these darlings. Here we are at Roy High School for a dance competition. Check this out, Ady's dance team took first place and Lexxy's team took first place and then Lexxy's team took first place over all the other teams. Oh Yeah! I do have to say that they did have the cutest costumes and had better dances (not being partial at all!) Anyway, I'm proud of them and their teacher - they did awesome!

Lexxy's team danced to "If my friends could see me now"
Ady's team danced to "Gootchi Gootchi goo", it was darling!

Lexxy's kindergarten earned a "crazy" hair day - this is the final product. We had a couple different do's going on. The first one had her bangs pulled into side pony tails and she didn't appreciate the "pokies", so then we dropped her bangs and put the ponies into buns. She still looks darling even with crazy hair.

Monday, March 22, 2010


My girls crack me up. I don't know where they get their personality, because we all know that I don't have one. Here are some funny comments straight from the mouths of my girls.

Everyday I do some kind of pre-school something with Ady. The other day we were laying on the floor doing a U.S. puzzle, I asked Ady if she knew where she lived. She thought for a couple of seconds and then said... "South America". I about died!

Okay, so I will confess I have a problem with hair. I don't like it on my floor, on my toilet, swimming pool floors, in my food, you get the idea... Well, a couple of weeks ago, we went swimming for FHE and because it's the middle of winter, I forgot our flip flops. While walking across the swimming pool locker room floor, I am GROSSING out in my head, I turn around to help Ady walk across the floor and she has the most disgusted look on her face - she said while holding her gags back, "mom, there's hair all over the floor". My kinda girl!

How do you discipline? Spanking doesn't work, they just laugh, cause they just think they're love taps... for quite a while I've been using Vinegar, yes Vinegar. It's nasty and it does a pretty dang good job. I even gave some to their dad one day (he needs the WHOLE bottle!) One day, Ady had done something and Lexxy felt like she needed to be disciplined, she came to the kitchen and said, "Ady needs vinegar, I'll get it, what does it look like?" Ady came out and said, "it's in a clear bottle and has a tomato on it"... I've since backed off on the vinegar, poor girl knows what the bottle looks like.

The other day Lexxy started talking to me after taking a bite of food and let out the weirdest noise... while busting a gutt, she said "I just burped like a frog". That girl.

Last week, we had a day or 2 of beautiful weather. I took advantage of it and spent the days outside cleaning up the yard. Lexxy was helping rake up the beautiful rutts the lovely moles make under the snow (grrr!), she came running to me, screaming & doing a dance, "I think a spider crawled in my underpants!" Right then and there, she wanted to drop her pants and have me check. Are you kidding me?

We love our Pops!

Family... do these eyes remind you of anything? Oh, like 13 years ago?

Oh how we love him! Happy Birthday Pops!

Disney on Ice

I'll spare you the details... I don't know why I do it. It's a whole bunch of tired crazy kids kicking and screaming to their parents wanting every stupid little Disney gadget they see. I warned my girls before we went that I wasn't buying anything except snacks. Good thing I have such angels. (hee hee!) Actually, we did have a good time and the girls LOVED the show.


This little six year old is losing teef all over the place! And guess what? Her mom hasn't pulled one of those dang things! What is wrong with me? There are a lot of things in my life that I can handle and do, but dang, pulling teef is not one of them! Good thing we have a friend who's a dentist in our ward, and is okay with pulling them on the Sabbath.

Our trip

I can't deny it, I have a great family! They are always so giving and willing to help out. We have this one sister, I'll keep her name private, but man, her and her family are top-notch!
They would do ANYthing for ANY of my family, but I think that they've kinda adopted me and my girls for right now. Cause they can... So, they brought us to Washington for five days and took such good care of us. They even bought baby chicks while we were there... my girls thought they were in heaven! We ate good food, watched a basketball game, saw a little track running and went skiing in freezing cold weather, but oh so beautiful!