Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Little Dancers

Look at these darlings. Here we are at Roy High School for a dance competition. Check this out, Ady's dance team took first place and Lexxy's team took first place and then Lexxy's team took first place over all the other teams. Oh Yeah! I do have to say that they did have the cutest costumes and had better dances (not being partial at all!) Anyway, I'm proud of them and their teacher - they did awesome!

Lexxy's team danced to "If my friends could see me now"
Ady's team danced to "Gootchi Gootchi goo", it was darling!


K.Booth said...

Whoooo whoooo!!! Congrats those are some cute dancers for sure!! I found your blog again....I am sooo excited!

Emma L said...

I hope this gets to you :-) Will you call me about the coffee table? The lady was a no show...again. Thanks!