Sunday, October 18, 2009

The girls modeling their trophies

Ady & Pressley at the race

Watch out BMX racers! These girls are going to be pros (just kidding mom!) We went to a BMX race in Farmington, and the girls got to race~ it was absolutely darling! They both had so much fun and wanted to do it again. I have to admit it was fun, but it was a little crazy and intimidating and thought that the girls wouldn't go for it, but they did awesome! The only thing I regret is I didn't grab my camera when we went to race, so I just have before/after pictures. They even got trophies ~ go girls!

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Amiee said...

Wow lots of posts! Love all your pics n stuff. Is that your backyard that got the cool "retaining" rock wall? NICE!

Jase went to nursery for a little bit today and Ady was so cute with him "hey jase, hey jase"! hahahah funny.

Hope you are doing well!!!!! Oh, and love the spider cookies & ghost sands. Very cute!