Friday, February 27, 2009

The perfect ending to a perfect day!
What? Is there such a thing as a perfect day.
Okay, so today I got home from school at 10:30, I fed the girls some lunch and got Ady down for a nap by 11:15 because I had to go visiting teaching at 1:30 and so she needed to nap early. We got home around 3:45, just in time to get dinner started so we could eat at a decent time. Then T came for a visit around 5 - the girls ate dinner and it was time to say good-bye so we could start getting ready for bed. Not 2 minutes after T walked out the door, Ady came running to me telling me she needed to go potty - we ran but didn't make it. She pooped in her panties, so we get to the bathroom and she's gagging, I help her to calm down a little, pull her panties off, get poop all over my hands, up her side and on her socks. I start running the bath, get her wiped off and get her in the bath. Decide that I'll clean the bathroom while she's in the bath, start cleaning and look over and Ady's backed up to a side of the bath, saying I tooted! What? There's brown stuff floating in the bathtub! I pull her out of the bathtub and start the shower. Throw her in the shower and pull the plug on the tub. I have poop up to my elbows! Are you kidding me? Why didn't you do this when your dad was here? He could use some poop smeared on him. So, while she's showering I'm scrubbing poop out of the bathtub.
Oh the joys!

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Things' Mommy said...

Oh, you make me laugh out loud. I had to read that to Josh. : ) Sorry...I've been there too. In fact, this morning I heard Riley say "Uh oh, I actually [accidentally] went potty...on your beautiful wooden floor!" I ran over to see the damage--splash, all over my feet and gross...